SA-MP 0.2X Released

The SA-MP 0.2.2 server list will be discontinued. SA-MP 0.2.2 clients cannot connect to 0.2X servers.

This update includes fixes from 0.2.2 R3 client/server as well as the following:

  • Fixed insecure handling of private messages.
  • Fixed packet fragmentation/MTU issue.
  • Various security updates to the netcode and connection logic.
  • Security updates to the client binaries.
  • Removed compression from the aiming vectors to improve accuracy.
  • Added seconds to server logs and also shows raw incoming UDP connections.
  • OnVehicleMod/OnVehiclePaintjob/OnVehicleRespray includes the origin playerid.
  • Added OnPlayerUpdate, a callback fired for every player network update. This will help server-side anti-cheat.
  • Limited filterscripts to 16.

The version of SA-MP previously being developed as 0.2.5 will become SA-MP 0.3 to avoid any confusion.

Download Client:

Download Server: