SA-MP 0.3.7 R2 Released

The 0.3.7-R2 client addresses a problem with the server browser where it was vulnerable to an IP spoofing attack. Servers could send fake information coming from other servers if they could guess when the client was querying them.

Notes for server owners:

The SA-MP query protocol is changed. If you are filtering the 'Port' section of the query packet with a firewall, you should remove this filter.

Changes to PlayerPlaySound.

There have been some changes to the way client's handle PlayerPlaySound. Sound ID 1 can be used disable the interior 0 ambience track (wind noise) to create fake interiors. The game's ambience system is used for all sounds below ID 1000, which means many ambience tracks that previously didn't work should now work. Sound ID 0 can be used as normal to stop the current track or return the game's normal outdoor ambience.

Please check back for future updates.

Download Client:

Download Server: